What is the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care? Take a look at our history, and then get involved in our work today.

The Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care is formed to protect access to the best quality health care for all Americans. The Coalition represents the interests of more than 5,000 community, children’s, teaching, public, religious, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and long-term care hospitals, and their patients.

One-third of all hospitals are losing money. There is a health care work force crisis gripping the country. So the Coalition works to ensure speedy action on hospital payment relief legislation.

Later in the year, in response to the House Budget Committee endorsing billions of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid cuts, the Coalition mobilizes to remind lawmakers that Medicare and Medicaid provide critical health care services for our most fragile citizens.

In February and March, the Coalition works to stop the Administration’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2007 that would cut $36 billion from Medicare and $13.6 billion from Medicaid, because we know how vital these services are to communities and hospitals all over the country.

Throughout the year, the Coalition mobilizes to protect Medicare and Medicaid, including working to keep $20 billion a year in cuts over five years from being included in the final Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) rule. More than 400 members of the House vote against the cuts, but the Administration and CMS ignore them, forcing Congress to pass additional legislation to protect our seniors.

The Coalition fights to prevent $3.7 billion in cuts to hospitals, to make sure patient care could be maintained at all of our community hospitals.

As the debate over the federal deficit rages on, hospitals are at risk of severe cuts. Deep cuts to Medicare and reimbursements to hospitals are on the chopping block. The Coalition works throughout the year to raise awareness for the importance of America’s hospitals and to urge people to call their members of Congress in support of patient care.

The Coalition launches its first ever digital advocacy campaign to complement its offline work in response to a Congressional plan to slash Medicare and Medicaid to replace the sequester. While debt ceiling negotiations are pushed off to 2014, Coalition supporters mobilize again in December in response to the Murray/Ryan budget, which will cut $10 billion in hospital funding. More than 55,000 letters, tweets, and calls are sent to members of Congress during the campaign.

On the heels of $4.5 billion in cuts to hospital funding in February, the Coalition launches a successful campaign to protect America's hospitals from further cuts as part of legislation on the sustainable growth rate (SGR). Also known as the "doc fix," the SGR is the historically flawed formula by which physicians are paid under Medicare. The Coalition's online and offline work prevents tens of billions of dollars in cuts from being included in the one-year SGR extension.

With more than half a million digital supporters ready to take action when needed, the Coalition remains committed to protecting patient care at a moments notice for the 5,000+ hospitals we represent. Threats to care are ever-present, and you can help make sure your community hospital remains strong. Visit our Take Action page to learn what you can do.